Monday, March 19, 2012

Chocolate and Marshmallows

Easter is a good excuse to get crafty and creative...especially if there are kids involved. Whether you celebrate for religious purposes, for the magic of the Easter Bunny or are just in it for the candy, it's a great reason to go above and beyond with fun recipes, brightly-colored eggs, pastel dresses and delicious sweets. Here are some ideas to get you started...

Easter cake by Tracey Lau

Easter Peeps S'mores by Steamy Kitchen

Painted silhouette from Le Papier Studio via The 36th Avenue

Disco eggs from Cute and Bright

Dyed using beeswax and candles, from Oh Joy!

Glitter eggs from Martha Stewart

Love this colorful flowy dress from That's Chic

I love this pleated dress. You can't wear cutouts on Easter, can you? Can you?!

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  1. I love that dress you found on That's Chic. Hope you guys have a fun Easter and that the Easter bunny comes to visit. ;)